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The Latest Doom Theory news:

October 2000: Just a quick note....Doom Theory music is available to download just follow the link that's below and by all means leave us some feedback. And don't forget the show in November kiddies.... September 2000: Doom Theory is currently in the studio recording their first full length cd......hopefully to be ready for sale sometime in October. Along with that the band will be putting up sound files on their main page as well as various other sites. Also, Scott is currently writing some new songs that they will try and filter in as they go are some of the titles that he has written or in the process of writing: "the zodiac lies", "born under the sign", "covered in dirt", "nightbreed", "the bloody six", "he chose the nails", "slave to the freaks", "cast the spell", "die", and "black day bound". Also, don't forget that Doom Theory is playing The Night of the Living Bands on Nov.18 in Harrodsburg @ Anderson Dean Park with runt, High Flyin' Low, and Split 13. Should be a hell of a show....starts @ 8:00. Get your tix in advance send us an e-mail for info. Tickets are only $3.00.

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